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Globe (GDT)

Public sale information

Globe token (GDT) is our very own ERC20 utility token. Get access to discounts on trading fees and other benefits.

About Globe

Globe is the crypto derivatives exchange pioneering the most exciting new derivatives products, delivering performance beyond any crypto or traditional financial exchange and building the future of digital assets markets.

Globe is backed by Y Combinator, Tim Draper, Pantera Capital and recently ran a larger presale than binance including over 200 strategic partners, some of which are listed later in this introduction.

About Globe Derivative Token (GDT)

GDT is an ERC20 utility token offering:

  1. Reduced trading fees the more GDT you hold.
  2. GDT will also be usable to pay fees in the future.
  3. Gradual decentralization of ownership of GDT to its community

Globe token sale

Ignition and Superfarm holders May 4th, 3:30pm UTC
Dodo token sale will start on May 4th

Globe infrastructure

InnovativeCrypto-native or traditional, Globe aligns with all market makers
  • Rich & stable API
  • 60ms Stable Websocket
  • DMM (Designated Market Maker) Programmes
  • Zero-friction integration
The lag-free exchange Globe has a unique exchange architecture to tackle this
  • Matching and risk engines run in colocation on high frequency trading hardware
  • This allows for the entire orderbook to be kept in L3 cache at all times and nanosecond latencies between services yielding faster-than-NASDAQ message processing rates to avoid overloads
  • Globe also benefits from the huge expense invested into fast connections between major financial data centers like London (LD4) and Tokyo, meaning that Globe can offer superior global lag characteristics and throughput to previous generation exchanges

Token distribution

The total token supply is 400M which will gradually unlock according to the schedule in the next section. The distribution of total supply is in the chart below:

Token Unlocking Schedule

Token vesting and unlock begins at token generation event with vesting schedules running up to 5 years:

Community channels

Connect with us via our community channels


Founded by a team of pioneering technologists and supported by finance experts, Globe is the perfect mix of innovation and experience to execute its visions, and build the project into a truly global derivatives exchange.

Leadership Team

James West CEO Grew $30m AUM to $500m AUM in four years at hedge fund, PhD statistics.
700+ citations
Shaun Ng CTO Former trader, researcher in general relativity, deep learning, and crypto market microstructure
Kinsa Durst Head of Marketing and Growth Former partner and head of growth at BitAsset

Investors and partners

Supported by legendary investors and strategic partners:

y combinator logo draper dragon logo pantera logo r crypto logo
krypital logo mxc logo okex logo hotbit logo gateio logo
cmt_digital logo MGNR logo br capital logo wave logo pascal logo Pnyx logo
rarestone logo rarestone logo oasis logo meve logo linkpad logo titan logo
Momentum logo Candaq logo China Polka logo Chronos logo Bloc Ark logo
Paul Veradittakit profile picture

“We’re seeing a wave of interest in crypto assets from major banks, fintech companies and portfolio managers. Globe has built the platform and products that these sophisticated market players need and expect.”

Paul Veradittakit Pantera partner
Franklin Bi profile picture

“The Globe team has been building quietly and we think now’s the perfect time for them, with incumbents like BitMEX facing new challenges and DeFi catching the attention of sophisticated market players,”

Franklin Bi Pantera Head of Platform
For regulatory reasons, GDT is not available in some jurisdictions (including USA, and others).

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