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Fees & products

TraderGlobeCoinbase Pro
Taker fee0.075%0.25%
Maker fee-0.025%0.15%

*based on Coinbase Pro pricing tier “Up to $100k”


If your order matches an outstanding bid or ask, you are considered a taker.


If your order is not immediately matched, you are considered a maker.


Perpetual futures

A futures contract lets you fix a price today to buy an asset at some point in the future. A perpetual future is a futures contract that never expires. Instead, the contract’s price is realligned with the an Index price every 24hrs. If the index and contract price differ at the 24hr mark (the funding time), buyers pay sellers the difference.


Contract size1 USD
Index priceSee Globe BTC index for details


Contract size1 USD
Index priceSee Globe ETH index for details